Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Welcome to Weepersville

My name is Mary, and I will be your guide. Today we will drop off my youngest charge at preschool and she will be very excited and I will cry in the car as I am driving away. Later, I will take you with me to Barnes and Noble, where we can drown our sorrows in magazines we will never buy and CDs we may buy but not listen to nearly enough to warrant the expense. If time permits, we will eat chocolate chips directly from the bag and spoonfuls of chocolate frosting from the little blue plastic tub in the refridgerator. Starbucks is not an option, as your guide has completely used up her Starbucks budget for the month and a new month does not start until tomorrow.

Please raise your hands if there are any questions during today's tour. At the end of the day, souvenir visors and coozies will be available.

Right this way, please.

Friday, August 27, 2004

One Pensive, One Sweet, One Made of Bronze

Not bad for a day job, eh? You know I chose them because they're so lovely, don't you? The other families didn't have kids that were pretty enough for my Canon AE-1, so I had to take on the wild ones that photograph well.


cute mary liz
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One. Cute. Banana. Don't you want to go squeeze her cheeks and give her kisses right this minute?

Don't Hate Him Because He's Beautiful

beautiful jack
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This is my favorite boy that lets me put gel in his hair. Okay, so "lets" is maybe a little misleading. How about: Lets me coerce him into putting gel in his hair by telling him that it is "so totally rock-n-roll" to use styling products.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Job, Well, ...Done

It's official: I finished the Pikes Peak Marathon. Seven hours, slightly less than fifteen minutes. Slower than I'd hoped, but I'd forgotten that clutzy flatlanders cannot go down rocky mountain trails very quickly...especially if the top third of that thirteen-point-something-mile downhill is a little wet. At one point I did a two-footed slide down one large, slanty rock and thought, "That was awesome! I just wouldn't try it again." I had three goals for my little jaunt:

  • finish smiling
  • no bleeding
  • no peeing in the woods

I accomplished two of those goals. Some of you know which two. The rest of you can just guess.

All in all I had a fabulous time. I'd like to send out special thanks to my family, who showed up to cheer me on and take some really terrible photos and video footage of the big event. Also many thanks to the residents of Manitou Springs who sprang from their beds early in the morning to cheer us up the mountain; you all were so cute with your bedheads and pillowcase marks on your cheeks! And to the guy that talked me through the last three and a half miles and let me finish ahead of him, you're the best. Seriously. You and Brenda Bunny made my finish both memorable and fun.

Photos and more details are coming. Just be patient.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Come on in--the water's fine...

Welcome to my new place. I'm off for some vacation, but I promise I'll be back to spruce it up and make you some brownies and lemonade. Have a wonderful week!