Monday, October 17, 2005

I Could Have Gone to Bed Hours Ago, If Only I'd Wanted To

But here I sit anyway, up for no good reason except that I feel like being up. When I exited Barnes and Noble close to 11pm, I felt that I could go for a very long run, if only it weren't so late. Or maybe I could go for a very long run simply because it was so late, and I have always been best at accomplishing things late at night. Truth be told I prefer to run in the dark, regardless of whether it is late at night or early morning. It's more still somehow, even if there are people out and about. The darkness provides a buffer between the world at large and me. The cars roar by just as loudly as they do in the daytime, but I seem to hear the soft tread of my own feet more clearly. The air is not so thick with heat, which makes a difference this autumn, when summer has stayed long past its welcome. I simply like it better. It feels nicer. I wish I could head outside right now.

Instead, I'll save my energy expenditures of that sort for tomorrow's twilight and try to head to bed. Goodnight, all.

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