Friday, October 21, 2005

I'd Like to Make an Announcement

Not only is my overnight bag completely packed for my weekend job, but also: I am going to bed earlier than is necessary. You may now applaud my amazingness. Bonus points: I'm actually tired for once at an hour that is before midnight, which is quite rare. Now let's see if I can sleep... (Fellow insomniacs can attest to the fact that being tired does not mean that one can fall asleep. That would be entirely too easy and actually make sense, which goes against the grain of everything insomnia stands for.)

Goodnight, be good while I'm away, and I'll see you cats on Sunday night. But don't wait up; I'll be late.


Shepcat said...

While technically I can attest to your premise, I feel I must recuse myself as someone for whom insomnia is not an affliction so much as a lifestyle choice.

marymuses said...

I've always thought of it as involuntary, but I just checked my dictionary of choice (Oxford Encyclopedic), and the first listed definition is "habitual sleeplessness," so I suppose whatever the reason, if you're not sleeping, it is insomnia. (Webster's, by the way, says it's an "inability" to sleep, but whatever. I'll take Oxford over Webster any day of the week.)

How nice it must be to simply choose it as opposed to being forced into it by way of an errant circadian rhythm. I'm rather jealous.