Saturday, October 29, 2005

Laryngitis! New York City! The Fun Never Ends! (Y'all!)

(I still feel like typing "y'all" a lot. You'll have to deal. Sorry.)

First, The Laryngitis: Still here, but waning, which means my voice is waxing. My voice: It's like the moon. And my throat: It's like a big mosquito bite, but I can't get my arm down my throat to scratch it. Last night the itching kept me awake for, um, EVER. And then it woke me up this morning. And then it made me cough all the livelong day. On the way home tonight, I'm stopping at a drugstore and purchasing copious amounts of throat-numbing drops, liquids, sprays, and lozenges. Because, y'all, I need my beauty rest. I'm wearing generic brand sweat pants, y'all, that's how bad it's gotten. I can't even be bothered to put on normal pants to leave the house.

All right, second: New. York. City. Y'all. (It's where all your dreams come true. Or wait, no, that's Atlantic City. I think.) Tonight I'm babysitting for Jack and Mary Liz, so I decided the time was as good as any other to pull their mom aside and talk to her about my plans. I let her know that I'm applying for jobs in New York and that it may mean that I'll leave their family sooner than anticipated. I told her that I'd love to be able to use her as a reference and that I'd give her thirty days' notice if I find something worth taking. And she was completely and totally awesome about it. She encouraged me to apply, said she wished she could keep me forever, even when the kids are in school, that she can't imagine their lives without me, but that she knows that this is an amazing opportunity. She is certain I will love New York, and I have her full support in pursuing whatever I decide to pursue, whenever I decide to pursue it. The woman is beyond cool. I have always been impressed with her, but this is just one more reason to think she's one of the most splendid people I've ever met.

So now begins the hard work. I have to admit that I hate filling out applications, that I have a fear of rejection during that part of the process even though I know I'm well-qualified, and that the sooner I can get through it, the better. This agency is prestigious, and they require a bevy of background and reference checks, plus a specific CPR/first aid course and a pre-employment workshop. The phone interview will be 2 1/2 to 3 hours long. Good grief.

But then I get into the part that is my strong suit, which is the family interview. I know I'm a good nanny. Once I get into a room with a child, it all comes easily to me. I am confident about what I can do for a family and what I require as a childcare professional. I won't hesitate to say no if it's not a good fit.

And that's what I'm looking for: A good fit. In a way, finding a good nanny family is a lot like finding a significant other. While there are certain things on a list I can check off in my head as I'm asking questions, there's also that certain indescribable something that lets me know that it will be good. If that's not there, I won't make the leap, because even with that, there will be hard times, and there will be times I want to quit. I just know that with the right fit, those times will be fewer and farther between, and they will work out smoothly with a little time, effort, and communication.

And so, here we go. (I'm taking you with me.) We're leaping in the direction of New York, and it's a big leap. I'll need one of you to take care of my cats, and many more of you to help me pack. I might need to use your basement for storage. It'll be a year at least. Are you ready? You can come visit anytime; I'd love to see your faces. Now let's get going, y'all, before I completely chicken out.


David said...

you go girl. life is full of these exciting/scary times and they're the ones we look back on with such fondness. Enjoy this time, even the nerve-wracking stuff. Cause NYC? That would be so freaking awesome and what a way to get there - almost painless if you have a place to move to, no rent, and a job already. Yer set. And I am so getting on a plane to come visit - want to shoot NYC! We'll photosafari together. Or you and Shiz can go shopping and I will go shoot. Either one is fine. We bless you in this effort, M.

Anita the Sandy said...

Really? I have BEEN DREAMING of seeing New York for about 4 years!

marymuses said...

David, thanks for the encouragement. I think I could probably handle both the photosafari and the shopping.

Anita, YES, REALLY! I might be nuts, but yes, really. You'll have to come visit if I make it there.