Thursday, October 20, 2005

Look What I Did Tonight!


And I bellyached about the degree of difficulty the WHOLE TIME, too. I'm sure I was delightful.

See a photo of a bunch of us and our pumpkins right over here.


Shepcat said...

Nice work. Yours is clearly one of the more elaborate, painstaking pieces among the lot, so I'd say any bellyaching on your part is duly warranted. (Michelangelo is reported to have complained incessantly while painting the Sistine Chapel. It's a genius thing. That, and he was gradually going blind from paint dripping into his eyes.)

But I've also got to give props to the guy standing next to you in the group photos. Check me if I'm wrong, but is his pumpkin a portrait of Jim Morrison?

timsamoff said...! Wow, Mary. To cool!

Anonymous said...

wow! that's amazing! now i need to get a pumpkin and carve it this weekend...

<3 holly

marymuses said...

Well, gee, thanks everybody! I am apparently a pumpkin carving GENIUS!

Shepcat, it's not Jim Morrison; it was supposed to be a zombie or something. Whatever--sure does look like old Jim in that photo.

Tim, we missed you and your lovely wife last night.

Holly, I hope you do get a pumpkin--though I recommend you choose a pattern that reads "easy" or "facile" or "three year olds could do this with safety scissors" as opposed to one that reads, as mine did, "moderate." (To which I say: Moderate, my ASS. That puppy was ADVANCED.)