Thursday, October 27, 2005

No, It's Not a Bad Connection, It's Just My Lack of Voice

I went to pick up my car from Hunt Electric today, where it was being magically transformed into a vehicle whose tail and dash lights work, and the guy who greeted me asked if he could help me. I answered him, but the sound that came out was not of significant volume. So he asked the question again, and I walked closer to answer as opposed to trying to squeeze more volume out of my throat. "I have a small case of laryngitis," I explained. "Oh," he replied, "All day as I was calling you I was just thinking that your phone had a really bad connection." Nope, Glenn, that was just me.

Glenn was a peach, actually, very easy-going and honest, and when he called (finally!) to let me know that he'd found the problem and fixed it, he said, "So your hotrod is all ready to go. Just come and get her." I drive a 1985 Subaru station wagon. Hotrod indeed.

So the car is fixed. It took two hundred dollars (EEK!--but a reasonable price considering the problem, and much less costly than having to go buy a whole new car), a few strained instructions over the phone, and a corny joke, but it's ready to pass inspection now, and I am grateful. So. Incredibly. Grateful. Thank you, Glenn.


Shiz said...

Oh, no. It is a hotrod. It IS.

marymuses said...

Well, if you're sure it is, then...okay. Does that mean I have to remove the hula cat from the dash, or can a hotrod still have one of those?