Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One Reason I Like My Starbucks So Much Is Because When I Have Laryngitis, They Know What to Ask Me So That I Don't Have to Speak to Order

Of all the days to have laryngitis, this is one of the worst. By the time I was done attempting to book Jack's birthday party (Why are you never in your office, Gretchen of Science City? Why??) and getting Mary Liz's school pictures taken (You'd think they'd stop asking me questions after it became apparent that I could only whisper in response.)(And also, what's the deal with telling us be there at 10:15 and then not taking the photos until 11? Are you trying to torture me multiple ways?), I'd had enough of trying to coax sound out of my swollen throat. So when we showed up at Starbucks and they knew what we wanted and could ask about the things at which I pointed, but which weren't part of our usual order, I was downright relieved. Thank you, Plaza Starbucks. Thank you very much. I heart you forever, or at least until I run out of cash.


Shiz said...

Double-heart the Plaza Starbucks.

marymuses said...

Triple-heart it! And here is why: They gave us the broken lemon pound cake. FREE TREATS! THRILLING!