Friday, October 28, 2005

Should This Throat Drop Be Making My Throat Itchier?

The Laryngitis: It's so exciting. I just can't stand it.

Hey, look! I'm posting again! What? You're not surprised?

So here's the big news which I've been wanting to discuss at length with someone, but, well, LARYNGITIS: I'm considering doing a New York nanny job search. A friend e-mailed me an ad for a position that pays 30% more than I make now, plus is live-in (separate apartment) with health insurance and a car provided. In addition, agency policy states that live-in nannies must be provided with meals or with a food allowance. This, kids, means that I would have absolutely no expenses of my own except for a cell phone (and I'm guessing most families throw that gem in as well). I contacted the agency that ran the ad, and I do, in fact, meet all the qualifications. Furthermore, most of the jobs for which they recruit are similar in pay and benefits; even if I didn't get the position they're currently advertising, chances are that I'd find something just as good. There are a lot of reasons to search for and take a job like that now, but just as many to stay where I am and wait, and I've been debating with myself about it all week. Here is why I'd like to go for it: The pay and the benefits, and the fact that if I start now, by fall of 2006, I'd be done with the required year-long commitment and free to pursue something else if I so choose. A year at that rate of pay, with no expenses, would allow me to pay off my debt quite quickly and save a great deal. I've always wanted to take time off to travel without having to worry about money; this would be an excellent opportunity to make that dream a reality.

The reasons not to go for it, well, those are more complicated, or maybe it's just more simple than I think it is and I'm being foolish. I'm very attached to Jack and Mary Liz, and I feel that their family has been very good to me. My plan has been to get Mary Liz into kindergarten because I feel it would be best for her, and that is what I've told the family. She has a hard time with change, and I think it would be difficult for her to understand why I would leave to go take care of some other kids. Because I came into her life when she was still a baby, she doesn't remember life without me in it. In my opinion, the smoothest transition for her would be for me to leave at the point she starts kindergarten full time. Because my heart is involved in this job, I have trouble drawing any clear lines between what would be best for Jack and Mary Liz and what would be best for me.

I could always start the search later, but I feel that the time is ripe now for me to do something new. I have no significant commitments here other than to Jack and Mary Liz; it would be easy to pack everything up and just make the leap. I guess the way I'm leaning is toward applying and seeing what is offered to me. I don't have to say yes to anything, even if it is offered. But still...


Any opinions? No assvice, please, but nice opinions are a-okay with me.


timsamoff said...

Well, I have an opinion of the word "assvice," but maybe that's just me. ;)

We sure would miss you around here, Mary (a LOT), but you known we'd all be rooting for you... And, it sure would be a great reason to go out and visit NY! :)

David said...

Mary - NYC would ROCK! and am I wrong in thinking you wanted to do film school there? PERFECT! But I have to tell you I admire your commitment to the kids - i have no advice but those kids definitely love you and you are making a huge difference in who they are becoming - so don't let yourself think you are JUST a nanny. That being said, you gotta go sometime so perhaps the timing is not so crucial.

Either way, start moving forward, it's easier to steer when you have momentum. A change of scenery might be exactly what your heart needs right now.

Shiz said...

Mary, no advice here. NY sounds like a terrific opportunity! It sounds so exciting! I know you love your kids, and they are very attached to you, but that doesn't mean that the timing is wrong right now. I agree about the momentum; it's good to take a leap while the water is hot.

Anf NY. Man, I'd be visiting in a heartbeat!

amy said...

Just make sure the family you get will let you keep your cats in that separate apartment. I just moved and had to give up one of the three, and my heart breaks daily.

markbe said...

new york would be sweet if you could get a gig like that. your own apartment alone would probably cost as much as you're getting paid altogether here in the midwest! sounds like an amazing opportunity. sounds like i'd like to visit you there, too.

Anonymous said...

my opinion? that's a tough situation. i feel your pain. i am staying too long at the dojo simply because i don't want to leave my students.

i think that it's a great opportunity for you, but you need to feel good about it in your gut. good luck, sweetie!

<3 holly