Monday, October 24, 2005

Some Thoughts While Opening the Mail

1. SBC is obviously trying to kill as many trees as possible notifying me that my paper bills will be stopped. They sent three separate notices. In three separate envelopes. Separately. They may also be trying to use a lot of postage on me before their privileges are cut off. It's rather like an alcoholic going on a last drinking binge before checking into rehab. (I watched Intervention last night, and that's EXACTLY what that one girl did before the car arrived to take her to the airport.)

2. I really don't need so many offers to help me pay off my debt in as! little! as! four! years! Because, hey, guess what GE Finance and MBNA Gold Somethingorother? I'm paying it off in a year on my own; I think that's a little bit better deal.

3. Part of the reason I'm blogging right now is because I'm not hungry, but Shiz sent me a Coffee Crisp candy bar from Canada, and I'm trying to keep my hands busy so I won't eat it right this second. (Normally I wouldn't care, I'd just eat it anyway, but I kind of overdid it on doughnuts yesterday, and I'm trying to do that thing where I "listen to my body" and "give it what it needs." But PLEASE. COFFEE CRISP. DELICIOUSNESS.)

4. Missy Higgins: great music for when you're opening the mail. Or for when you're pretending to nap, but it's just not happening. Or for when you're folding the laundry. Or for when you're changing the sheets the cat peed on. I especially enjoy Any Day Now and This Is How It Goes. Yes, you can get it on iTunes. Do you really think I get music anywhere else anymore unless it's a present?

5. Phae and Eponine would like to thank Shiz for the fabulous new kitty toy and especially for the paper towels you used as packing material. The toy is great, but the paper towels are AMAZING! (It's just like when you give a kid a great toy and they just play with the box.)

6. Oh, forget it, I'm going to eat that Coffee Crisp now.


Shiz said...


Deanne said...

ah, Coffee Crisps. I don't particularly like them, but Todd sees them as Reason Enough To Drive To Canada. We have a lot of snack-sized ones in our possession since our last trip.

And, while I know it's not The Same Thing, but Kit Kat has a special edition coffee flavored Kit Kat out. I found it repellant, but if you like Coffee Crisps you might find it downright delightful.

Hope you come back to Knit Knight soon...

marymuses said...

I'll have to try the KitKats, but I have to tell you that I'm already convinced that they won't hold a candle to Coffee Crisp. Reason Enough To Drive To Canada indeed.

I'll be back to Knit Knight ASAP. I miss you fun knitter people. When is the next one? This Monday or the next?

Deanne said...

The next one, if by that you mean 11/7.

See you then!

marymuses said...

I'll be there or I'll be square! Or maybe I'll be there and I'll be square. That could be exciting...

See you soon.