Monday, October 24, 2005

Well, Of Course

This morning I was so tired that my large cup of coffee didn't even make a dent. (Or at least the right kind of dent: I still felt tired, but as if someone had come in and scotch-taped my eyes open. Thanks, coffee! I feel great!) I caught myself shuffling as we walked along, as if I'd been transformed into an old lady overnight. Or maybe over three or four nights. I can't remember how many nights it's been that I've been mostly not sleeping, but it's at least three, and I hate to count back more than that because, well, my brain can't handle it on so little rest.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right. So this morning when I got dressed, all I could think about was comfort and also, "Does it smell clean?" I selected my most comfortable pair of pants, which are men's cargo pants from the Gap, circa 1999 or so. They've got a fading ink stain at the top of the left leg, but I like to pretend that no one can really see it. I also like to pretend that they look somewhat presentable, maybe even cute, but the truth is that in those pants I'm a walking What Not To Wear target. Still, they're the most comfortable pair of pants I own, and I was too tired to wear anything that required any amount of fuss. So on they went. I then proceeded to get ready for work, take out the trash (which I'd neglected to do last night), and throw all sorts of laundry (cat-urine-soaked and otherwise dirty or somewhat not fresh) into a basket. I walked out the door on time, but without remembering to brush my hair. In fact, it was still in the same half-pulled-through ponytail I'd put it in so I could wash my face. Very glamorous, I'm sure you can imagine. I'm normally not at all fussy about my appearance (I'll run errands in my pajamas without a second thought), but even so I felt a little...undone. Mary Liz and I rarely see people we know (aside from Apple, Starbucks, and Barnes & Noble employees, of course) while we are out, but I was certain that today, thanks to my stunning appearance, we would.

Yeah, guess what? I was totally right. Dangit.

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Shiz said...

Isn't that the way?

I love running errands in pjs. LOVE it.