Monday, October 24, 2005

Yes, We Made It to LaMar's

kate and her doughnut
Originally uploaded by marymuses.
My only other goal was to survive the weekend, and it seems I've managed that as well. If you click on the photo of Kate, you'll be taken over to flickr, where another one of her is waiting for you as well. There will be a few more from the weekend coming soon (tomorrow night-ish), as well as some anecdotes (if I can remember them), but there's too little space between right now and my regularly scheduled employment type activity to spend one more moment with my head away from my pillow.

Until tomorrow...(or, um, later today...)

PS: My cat peed on my bed while I was gone. To punish me. Because nothing makes me want to come home more than the odor of cat urine where I sleep.

Whatever would I do without Febreze for pet odors? (To spray directly on the cat, in order that she might know that I am NOT HAPPY.)

Now that the cat smells lovely, I'm going to go take care of the bed. Gross.


Shiz said...

Naughty Phae!!

Naughty naughty naughty!!!

Perhaps a cat-hanger-outer-wither would be good on these weekends? A sitter who will spend about 2 hrs with them daily? Someone who likes to read, perhaps?

marymuses said...

Even with a cat sitter, she'll do it. Because she is a naughty cat who should be sliced up and served as a kitty sandwich. Maybe with cheese and a lot of bacon.

As is typical when I am angry with her and she wants to return to the haven of my good graces, she curled up next to my back and purred all night long. Which is cute and very cozy, but still not helping with the extra laundry I'll need to haul to work today.

Anonymous said...

My kitty did that once, only I was in the bed at the time. I thought it was ME that peed the bed. We accidentaly locked kitty in the bedroom all night with us, and she couldn't wait. I was never so happy to smell cat pee.