Friday, November 18, 2005

Hint, Hint

It's not too late to get me something special for my birthday.

It's also not too late to make fun of me for putting Fraggle Rock plush items on my list.

Or for having absolutely no shame when it comes to begging for birthday presents.


Shiz said...

OOOOOOOH, Cows That Type looks AWESOME!! Of COURSE you want it!!!!

Shepcat said...

Having purchased it for my youngest niece a couple of Christmases ago, I can confirm that, in fact, Click Clack Moo friggin' rocks. Furthermore, Mary's taste in the Olivia titles is impeccable and beyond the pale.

marymuses said...

Shiz, you really should go read about the typing cows. You will LOVE IT.

Interestingly enough, Shepcat, "beyond the pale" is also what people say about me in the middle of winter when my skin has not seen the light of day for months.

Olivia is the best, no? I'm always tempted not only by the books, but by the many Olivia products they carry at Barnes & Noble, especially the magnets. My fridge would look so much better with Olivia accessories adorning it.