Friday, November 04, 2005

Impulsive? Perhaps. Tired Beyond Belief? Definitely.

This New York thing came up a little fast, I'll admit. It was just a week and a half ago that I sat on the deck at Starbucks with Rachel, discussing what would come next in our lives, and I mentioned that I might be interested in living in New York City once Mary Liz hits kindergarten. The next day she forwarded me an ad from Craigslist as an example of the kind of work that is available there. I was enticed by the high pay and benefits (oh, the benefits--apartment! car! health insurance!). Somewhere in there, it crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe, I could do this right now. Once the wheels started turning, they only gained momentum, and they haven't stopped since. And people? Suddenly I'm just so dang tired. You have no idea.

Or maybe you do.

Tonight it's all about the Nyquil and my cozy bed, for on the morrow I must look bright and competent for my photo and my video. Nobody wants a nanny with dark circles under her eyes and disheveled hair. I may not have had more than six hours of sleep a night for nearly two weeks, but no prospective employer needs to know about that. By Monday morning, all the necessary information will be on its way to the agency, and I can finally rest easy, knowing that my least favorite part is done.

So here's to a good night's sleep, tonight and for many nights: I hope you get some, too.

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