Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It Was Sad, So They Gave Me a New One

And now I'm sitting here, enjoying watching all 2212 of my songs load from iTunes into my shiny new iPod.

Really, I love it. It scrolls down as it loads them in. Quite soothing, really. You should get a new iPod and try it.

In other news, today is Jack's 6th birthday. Happy Birthday, Jack. You're one of my very favorites.


Rerun said...

Hmmmmmm ... so, by "sad", do you mean "crapped out on you well before its time"? I must confess that I remain cynical about the Cult of Apple and iPod.

That said, I love my iPod Nano. :)

Out of curiosity, do you take your iPod with you on runs? One of the selling points of the Nano for me was the fact that it is flash-based (no moving parts) and, at least in theory, less susceptible to the jarring motion of runs. However, I filled up my Nano rather quickly, and, although it's no problem moving songs in and out of my iPod library, I frequently wonder if I should have gone for one of the hard drive iPods with much greater storage capacity.

marymuses said...

I say "sad" because I got the official "sad iPod" icon on my little iPod screen. But yes, it was broken, though that's not a huge deal because it does have a warranty, and it was replaced. With something shiny. And new. And did I mention it was shiny?

I don't take it on runs because I like to hear everything that is going on around me, especially at night. At one point I did try taking it with me during the day, but it made my run seem longer because I knew where I was in the playlist and how many songs I had on and I thought, "Good grief, I've listened to eighteen songs and I'm not even half done yet?" Also, I don't like to carry anything extra when I run, so that was annoying also.

I'm jealous of your nano, but I would hate moving songs in and out of the library. I'll stick with my clunky 40 GB model.

markbe said...

ok, you got a new (albeit replacement) iPod, the guy who sits next to me just got a new 60 GB black (video) iPod today and even the semi-anti-Apple-cult person has one. i am so deprived.

rerun said...

Mary - I can only hope that, if my PC ever crashes and burns, it will have something as cool as a "sad iPod" icon. Perhaps the face of Bill Gates will appear, and my monitor will spin and cackle like that possessed kid from The Exorcist. (My TV does something similiar but only when I'm flipping channels and I accidentally stumble upon Pat Robertson.) I apologize if I came across as someone who was hoping that your iPod died from your running so that I would feel better about not paying the extra $50 for an extra 26 gigs of happiness because ... well ... I was hoping that your iPod died from your running so that I would feel better about not paying the extra $50 for an extra 26 gigs of happiness. Sorry! I sincerely hope that you enjoy your new iPod.

markbe - Hopefully, with the Christmas season right around the corner, you won't be deprived much longer. I bought mine with an academic discount or, as my co-worker put it, "This serves WHAT kind of educational purpose?" Thank you, Mr. Jobs, for the opportunity to download mp3s when I should be doing homework.

Shiz said...

Sad pod. Poor sad pod.

marymuses said...

Mark, you are deprived. Perhaps you could start an iPod savings account? I won't tell Amy. It'll be our little secret...

Rerun, is it really a question of whether your PC will crash and burn or not? It will. Just give it time. And you didn't come across as someone who hoped the iPod died from my running, even if that was the case. If you hadn't told me, I never would have known. Actually, I think it got sad because it was tired of being on repeat. It was all, RON SEXSMITH, AGAIN?!? And then it entered a deep depression and could no longer function normally.

Shiz, it is a poor, sad pod, but it's on its way back to Apple now, most likely to be refurbished. Don't tell my old iPod, but I love the new, unscratched version. So shiny! So pretty! So perfect!

Rerun said...

Mary - How long did you have your oh-so-reliable-Apple-designed-and-made product before it broke? Could you say that a little louder or, at least, type it in big letters please? I've had my PC for a little over three trouble-free years now. That's 9 in Mac years. (Kind of like dog years but not quite as cute and fuzzy ... who knows though? Maybe the iPoodle is just around the corner. I'm sure that it would possess at least as much computing power as the average iMac.) Since I know how Mac users like everything done for them, I will provide the math:

# years I've had my PC = 3
Avg. # years that Apple product lasts before it breaks = 1

# PC years/# Mac years = 1/3

1/3 = (3 years of PC)/(x years of Mac)

x= 9 Mac years

Any questions? No? Good! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

All kidding aside, I fully realize that Macs fill at least a few niches very well. I am, after all, just a SEMI-anti-Apple-cult person. Just don't insult my PC!