Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's Giving Me a Headache, So I'm Taking a Short Break

I'm trying to write an essay for my nanny application, and the truth is that I think that what I have down now kind of sucks. I don't think anyone who will be reading it will notice, but I pretty much hate it. The instructions are: In the space below, write an essay that tells us about you, your family, and where you grew up. Also tell about experiences with children, including the ages of the children and your responsibilities. Tell us why you want to be a nanny and the qualities you have to offer a family.

I've already written ninety-four quintillion words, and I'm not even to the part where I tell them how fabulous I am and why they want to hire me. Apparently I have done entirely too much in my life and I need to slow down. Do you know how many children I've taken care of? No? Neither do I! Because there have been a whole darn lot of them! Good grief. And truly, my writing is all sorts of awful.

Except for my first paragraph. I write a dang good first paragraph.


Okay, back to work.


timsamoff said...

Sounds like you need an editor.

marymuses said...

I think I did need an editor, but I decided to treat it like an essay on a test, re-read it, and just go with my gut feeling, which was that it wasn't going to get much better just by me stressing out about it.