Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jeremy Byrne, Is the Title of the Post a Good Enough Place for Your marymuses Mention?

Jeremy Byrne went all out last night just because he wanted a marymuses mention. I really went over there to see his fabulous wife, Anita, who gave me a Fabulous! New! Haircut! (I feel pretty!), but Jeremy stole the show. When he pulled out the real dinosaur tooth, I decided I'd have to at least give him a courtesy mention.

Actually, the dinner alone would have merited a mention. I was terribly thankful to be invited to eat some of the delicious dinner Jeremy fixed, as my power was out and I couldn't use my microwave. (My power is back on, by the way, but whatever happened to it fried the microwave, so I still can't use it. I have to heat my pre-cooked and zip-locked meals in the oven. The OVEN. How quaint. And also very slow.) I was also thrilled to be able to do my very first graffiti tagging in their home. As you can see, I'm not very good at it yet.

tagging the byrne's floor

Really, it was kind of like a night at kindergarten. We had snacks (er, dinner), arts & crafts (tagging the floor), show & tell (dinosaur tooth), and even naptime. I have a photo of naptime, but I'm not sharing it because I think I look funny in the picture. And most importantly of all, they let me spread the word about right on their very floor.

they let me advertise my blog for free--how nice!

Thanks, Jeremy and Anita. I hope I'll be invited back soon.


Anita the Sandy said...

Hi, Mary! I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself! Thanks for letting us try out a new recipe on you, and thanks greatly for putting Jeremy (and me) on your blog. It's a great honor.

Shiz said...

Yaaaay! Cool floor. Do we get a photo of the new haircut?
My "word" is eqyhyha. Eqyhyha. I think that's funny.

marymuses said...

Anita, you can try out new recipes on me ANYTIME, so long as they don't involve fish or excessive amounts of coconut. And I'm happy to put both of you on my blog. It's me who has the honor of knowing you both.

Shiz, I think eqyhyha is funny, too. Did you see all the recent photos on flickr? I'd say there's a nice assortment displaying the new do.