Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mary the Movie Critic

Last night Rachel and I caught the late showing of Elizabethtown with Adam, her landlord/downstairs neighbor, who just happened to come up at the right moment to be spirited away to Starbucks and the movies (lucky guy, yes?). We had a good time, and it was great to sit in the theatre so late knowing that I could go to the grocery afterwards and still not worry about getting enough sleep to wake up in the morning because: I didn't have to wake up this morning. (I did anyway, actually, at 11:46, but could have taken the sleepfest past noon without any worries.)

Right, so, the movie critic part: Orlando Bloom was horrible. I'm sorry, Orlando, but you were doing this little thing we call overacting and it was annoying. You're a decent actor, Or (Can I call you Or? Or do you prefer Landy?), but this was pretty shabby. I'm guessing the director may have had something to do with it, as Kirsten Dunst was similarly stiffly overacting at many points, but you really took the cake. Tell Cameron Crowe to calm down and stop making his drama too dang dramatic. You're distracting me from the plot. Seriously.

Thank you for your cooperation, Or (Landy?). I look forward to seeing you in better movies in the future.

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Lyd said...

I agree. I wrote my own critique of the movie last week. Tell me if I'm right. As far as the 2 are concerned. I can't stand Kirsten, so I thought that Orlando was better than she was, but still not good. The commercials were so misleading!