Thursday, November 03, 2005

New York Nanny Job Search 2005: The Update

The interview went well, and I am very encouraged by what they told me. I am incredibly impressed by the professionalism of this agency and their commitment to finding good placements for their nannies. In all my years of nannying, I have never heard of an agency turning a family away, but this one turns families away on a regular basis if they feel the home would not be a positive, professional environment for their nanny candidates. From here I have to have a new photo taken (in which I'll try my best to look fabulously nanny-esque), film a video clip, update my resume, and get some other paperwork in order. Once everything is in, my file will be sent to families, and I will begin interviewing. Like, next week. It's kind of making my head spin; this is happening so fast.

To get away from it all, I took a break this afternoon for a field trip, so: Coming Soon to Mary's Flickr Page: Monks! Sand Art! The Excitement! (Actually, it was very, very cool, and I forgot to bring cash for their donation fund--only fair since I got so many great photos out of the deal--so guess where Mary Liz and I are going tomorrow?)

A nanny's work is never done, so I'm off again.


Anonymous said...

(keep this in mind) present yourself in a fashion that will not be threatning to the woman...Jude Law/Sienna/Daisy Wright triangle.... I'm not sure what that would be, but you seem creative. It would be a shame if the family decided not to hire you because you're such a cutie!!

David said...

Thank God for DV and iMovie, huh? This sounds fun to me, or am I just being masochistic? Just think of all the lists this will give you the opportunity to write! Wish I could be there to shoot you guys and cut a video!

We're rooting for you Mary. We want to see you go to NYC! I know you think you're a KC girl, but i believe ALL KC girls think that until they leave. Then it's like an epiphany! HEY, they say, I was really a NYC girl trapped in a KC girl body! Or something like that.

marymuses said...

Anonymous thinks I'm a cutie! (**blushes like a schoolgirl**)

Well, David, I'd say I'm an anywhere girl. I loved living in San Francisco, and I love living in Kansas City, and I'm sure I'll dig NYC. Every city has its charms, and I'm sure the Big Apple will not disappoint, especially on the chocolate babka front.

Mmm...chocolate babka...

Dang it, now I'm hungry.