Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sex, Guns, & Cash

Apparently 50 Cent is going to start publishing a line of novels and novellas written in gangsta style (Not by him, I hope, but then again, why do I care? Am I buying the books? Um, no.). When asked what the theme would be, he replied, "Sex, guns, and cash." Why this is so funny to me, I do not know. But I keep walking around the house going, "Sex. Guns. And CASH." Which has nothing to do with what this post is about, except if you include the part about cash.

I have a knack for taking a week off of work and making it far busier than my working week would be. Chalk it up partly to my need for the aforementioned cash (I have iTunes and Starbucks habits to support, not to mention the fact that my microwave gave up the ghost and my shocks are far bouncier--painfully so--in the winter than in the warmer months) and also to my delusional mind thinking that I! Can! Do! Everything! I was actually relieved to return to work today and get back to my normal schedule. Despite my best efforts to sleep in, I was more sleep-deprived over my week off than I am during the work week. You may ask how that happened, and I would reply that I really don't know and also don't want to think too hard about it.

And now it's officially the holiday season, which means more schedule disruption. My posts here might be quite disjointed (hopefully you're used to that by now) as time flies by and leaves little time to think while typing. So I'll just spew out whatever comes to mind and you can read it until it gets unbearable. I'll try to throw in a lot of photos on flickr to keep you visually stimulated, and somehow we'll make it to the other side of New Year's. Already I can promise you something: This weekend I'm making what has become the annual trek with John & Judy & Co. to Chicago, so there will be plenty of photos from that. Look for those next week, say Tuesday(ish).

For now, the stuff of life calls, so I'm off.


Shepcat said...

Of course, I'm confident in my own ability to hit the ground running when the dialogue suddenly swerves into the areas of sex, guns and cash (see also: arson; extortion; grand larceny; espionage; sabotage), but I fear the marymuses readership at large may have trouble keeping pace, as you've most recently lulled them with pie.

That's quite a one-eighty. Clearly you've got to stay on your toes around here.

brookeraymond said...

hey, we are headed to chicago this weekend too! i assume you are going to be taking in some Over the Rhine? e-mail me if this is true!

marymuses said...

Shepcat, despite lulling my readership with pie, I do think they can keep up. I did, after all, recently provide photographic evidence of my first tagging. And then there was the time I told them about the highly suspicious disposal of a contraband waterbed. I haven't hidden this side of my personality from them; surely they understood that sex, guns, and cash were inevitable additions to the thug I am becoming.

Brooke, I'll see you there! Can't wait!

Shepcat said...

I stand corrected. I had forgotten about the waterbed incident. That was gangsta.