Sunday, November 20, 2005

So Diligent! So Determined! So....Stupid.

I made a series of choking sounds earlier today, and I'd just like to let my neighbors know, if they're reading, that I am fine. That was just the sound of me choking on my own stupidity. But it's okay now, because I figured out what was wrong (nothing!) and am now back to churning out back-up CDRs of all the photos that are currently not backed up (let's not talk about how many that is). I am determined to get all the files backed up and all the photos off my CF cards by the time the sun rises in the morning. Further choking may ensue, but don't worry: I'll be fine. Just put on something that can serve as white noise and go on about your business.

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Shiz said...

Choking? I'm lost.