Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Second Post Brought to You By My Desire to Eat a LOT of Pie

I'd like to officially invite you all to celebrate my upcoming birthday with me by eating pie. Those of you who are in the Kansas City area are invited to my apartment for the Blessed Occasion (Amen, Hallelujah) of my something-th birthday, and the rest of you can eat pie in your own homes and think of me. (Let me know if you'll be joining in, and I'll think of you, too.) For those of you who are close enough to make it, the details are:

Monday, November 28
6:30pm to ??
My place (If you don't know where it is, please e-mail me for directions:
I'll be providing one pie and soda. If you are willing and able, please bring a pie to share and/or whatever else you might like to eat or drink. Appetizers are fine, too, but the party is about pie, so please, some of you, BRING SOME PIE.

RSVPs to the e-mail address listed above, or by phone, if you have the number, would be greatly appreciated so that I can get enough plates/forks/cups/soda/etc.

And I'm serious that you're invited, even if I don't know you yet. Come on over! Let's eat pie!

Amen. Hallelujah. You may now return to your previously scheduled weekday events.


Shiz said...

Are there some pie preferences?

James E. Robinson, III said...

Heh, i'll send my brother-in-law from Springfield your way. :-)

Happy Birthday! I'll eat some pie today to celebrate. and tomorrow. and the next day...

Eponine's Cowboy said...

Sending along a birthday greeting. Hope your celebration is stellar! Maybe I'll try a little pie on your day.

marymuses said...

Shiz, I'll be buying chocolate cream, which is my favorite, but I would also love banana cream or key lime. I'm not big on fruit pies, but if someone else wants to bring a fruit pie to share, I'm not opposed. All pies are welcome.

James, send anyone you want. And eat plenty of pie every day until my birthday.

Eponine, you should definitely try pie on my birthday. Since you are a cat, I would recommend that you try the crust first, as that is what is most popular with my own kitties.

Shiz said...

TWO Kitty Eponines! Brought together via the internet.

It's cosmic.