Thursday, December 22, 2005

Even When She's Serious, She's Funny

Yesterday my phone rang repeatedly throughout the day. I kept having to interrupt what I was doing with Mary Liz to answer it, and she was more patient than usual, so near the end of the day I turned the phone off and said, "Thank you SO much for being so quiet while I answered the phone today. Now that everyone we know has called, I can turn off the phone and just spend time with you."

"Everyone has called us?" she responded.

"Yes," I replied emphatically, "at least, everyone we know."







And on we went, listing everyone who had called. At the end she paused, trying to think of one more person who may have called. "Did John Mayer call?" she inquired.

"Um, sweetpea?"


"We don't know him."

"Oh," she answered, clearly puzzled, "we don't?"

We sure don't. But something tells me I may have been playing his new album a little too much in the car.


Anita said...

Best belly laugh I've had this week!

Anonymous said...

sorry about being one of those callers - i hope it wasn't too long of an interruption.

so i'm doing christmas eve-day brunch with the fam, so i was thinking that afternoon-evening would be a good time to hang out on saturday. still game? i can take you out to dinner! let's chat later.

<3 holly

Shiz said...

John Mayer, of course you know him, right? No? Poop.

marymuses said...

Anita, I'm glad you liked it. You should hang out with Mary Liz and me sometime; you'll be rolling on the floor the whole time.

Holly, you are an excellent interruption, and I'm so glad you interrupted. :)

No, Shiz, we don't know him. We don't know a lot of people. Sad but true.