Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fruits? Vegetables? What?

Sometimes I find it strangely satisfying that I can make it through the day on chocolate-based liquids and mint M&Ms alone.

Other times I think that vitamins and minerals might be a good idea.

People like me are the reason that the multi-vitamin business is thriving.


amy said...

Thanks Mary. Now I'm REALLY craving chocolate milk. Mmm.

cara said...

and those infernal mint m&ms you flaunt in my face all the time. i am so gonna have a "snack exchange" just for those suckers.

Shiz said...

Cara & Mary, you two would so get along, junk foods and everything.

I may have to drive to WA to get my first taste of mint M&Ms, and then to stock up on said M&Ms.

Lyd said...

Vitamin schmitamin. Bring on the chocolate!

cara said...

eureka! i have made a discovery (said in that cave-manly tom hanks, "i have made fire" tone of voice)...take plain m&ms (which we have here in france, we're not that backward)and mint tic tacs. combine. chew very hard and fast. voila! mint m&ms. ha! i am smarter than the average bear.

Shiz said...

Good LORD, Cara, NO!
What about mint chocolate chips and m&ms? Do they have mint choc chips? Or how about putting m&ms in a jar, adding a drop or two od peppermint oil, and shaking it all around? Or am I nuts?

marymuses said...

Amy, I am almost always craving chocolate milk. Welcome to my world.

Cara, I think we should do a snack exchange. I'll send the mint M&Ms, and you fork over the paprika Pringles. It will save you from your current snack hell. Tic tacs and M&Ms? Together? Oh, Cara, I am sorry things have become so desperate.

I personally recommend not trying to make mint M&Ms, but rather making a minty chocolate cookie or brownie with plain M&Ms in them. If necessary, I will provide recipes.

cara said...

no we do not have mint chocolate chips. we don't even have regular chocolate chips. it's very, very sad. i can maybe find mint flavoring and give that a go in brownies. but they must be brownies that do not call for cocoa powder because, guess what? we don't have that here either.

but thanks for the suggestions ladies! and i totally think i will have that snack exchange come january sometime :)