Friday, December 30, 2005

I Just Couldn't Sleep Without Telling You This

(I also can't sleep without flossing my teeth, but that's another discussion for another day.)

Today I got my latest issue of my alma mater's alumni magazine, and the main story is about the swearing in of the new university president. It says all sorts of hokey crap about him being a "servant leader" who "ushers in a new era of servant leadership." Which is all fine because I know my alma mater, and I know how they like to say hokey crap and be redundant (must be where I got it) all the time and think it's fabulous, and so I skim the story but mostly look at the shiny pictures. Wherein I find my piece of entertainment for the evening: In one photo, the new university president and his wife are standing in front of a hideous ice sculpture of an eagle with wings spread wide, but the angle at which the right wing is captured makes it look less like a wing and more like an alien nebulous mass, poised directly above the servant leader university president's bald head, ready to vaporize his brain matter.

Or else it looks like a crystalline mohawk. Either way, not what the editors of The Accent intended, I'm sure.


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