Tuesday, December 06, 2005

If You're Going to Travel the Illinois Tollway, Bring a Roll of Dimes

And also possibly other loose change, but I definitely recommend the dimes.

After the Over the Rhine show Saturday night, I dropped Nicole off at her apartment and borrowed her car to drive back to the hotel in Elgin. I passed through a manned toll station, where I paid my 80 cents by way of a dollar bill, and the toll booth operator called me sweetie and told me to be careful as he dropped two dimes into my outstretched hand. I had then in my posession two dollars and two dimes.

Which did me no good at the unmanned toll station, where exact change is required and the toll is 60 cents.

On the toll receptacle, a sign was posted stating that if you do not have correct change, you should proceed through the tollway and call a certain number within four days. I called today, and the automated system informed me that I still had time to pay my toll and included an address to which my payment could be mailed, as well as instructions on how to find out how much is due. I checked the appropriate charts, addressed my envelope, included the necessary information about the toll station I'd left in my dust, the car make, model, and tag numbers, and my own contact information. I then made out my check.

For sixty cents.

Avoid the hassle, people. Just bring a roll of dimes.


jason said...


now you know why i have my own iPass, which allows you to just drive through the dang turnstiles... and.... you pay 1/2 as much! your 80-cent toll would have been 40-cents for me...

wish i would have known , and you could have borrowed it. welcome to chicago!

timsamoff said...

I don't think I would have ever mailed my money in (or called the number for that matter). You're a better person than I, Mary.

jason said...

honestly, they will bust you for it. i got a $40 ticket from a rental car once thinking

marymuses said...

Jason, I didn't even know for sure until I got to Chicago that I'd be driving Nicole's car, so I wouldn't have thought I'd need anything for tolls.

Tim, I can't help but pay the toll. I'm a model citizen. And also it was someone else's car, and I didn't want them to get ticketed.