Monday, December 19, 2005

O is for Overachiever

I decided this morning at 2:45am that since I only have two varieties of cookies to make, 150 Christmas cards to print for someone else who hasn't approved the design yet, three items to take to the dry cleaners, eleventy bajillion dirty dishes to clean, 43 photos to process, who-knows-how-many photos to back up from the hard drive, one extra day of work with one extra child to boot, and three loads of laundry to do this week, I should probably do a last minute Christmas project involving at least four errands and a lot of printer ink.

Someone, please, hit me hard with something heavy. Preferably right on the noggin.


Shiz said...

If we do that, yoy won't get all the stuff done.
Besides, everyone KNOWS the cookies are the only important part.

marymuses said...

Actually, I've gotten a shocking amount of stuff done already thanks to two nights of being unable to sleep. If I'm not participating in my favorite extracurricular activity, I like to use the time constructively. Thus my additional project is 100% complete. Please be impressed so that I feel like my current level of tired (Extra Super Very Much A Lot High) is worth something.