Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Of COURSE I Already Submitted My Resume and Photos of Myself

Shiz passed this ad on to me. Don't you think it sounds just perfect??


timsamoff said...

I'm not even a nanny and I just submitted my resume and photos... The fight is on, Mary!

marymuses said...

Please, Tim. That job is MINE!

My word verification is futnaxn. Sounds like an anti-fungal medication.

timsamoff said...

Which I'm sure we'll all need if we're walkin's around neckid all day.

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, you two post the photos you attached to your resumes and let the public be the judge. Perhaps a short paragraph on "why I think I would be a better naked nanny" would also help.

Mary, at least this way you would be in Vancouver! Just don't expect friends to drop by your place of work to spontaneously say hello.