Saturday, December 17, 2005

Somehow I Don't Think This is What the Editors of Southern Living Had in Mind

This is what we call "Mary taking a perfectly good crafty idea waaaaay too far." But it's cute, right? Just say, "RIGHT!"

It all started because Jack and Mary Liz were playing nicely together, and I had nothing else to do but read the latest Southern Living magazine which had arrived at their home. I'd decided long before that I wouldn't have a Christmas tree, that I'd just set up my smallest nativity set, the one that is in all one piece so as not to require any actual set-up, unless you count putting a new tea light (which may or may not be lit during the season) in the hollow behind it. It was brilliant! The Christmas decorating was done! No one really cared! But then Southern Living had to put all those mantle decorating ideas, none of which required obtaining or watering an actual evergreen tree, in their issue, and I had the stroke of genius to steal one of those ideas and take it much, much (much, much) further.

The original idea was to put two curved branches (preferably found in one's yard or the yard of a friend or neighbor, thereby making them free) in a rectangular vase filled with gravel, disguise the gravel with moss, and hang nice, matching ornaments spaced evenly throughout the branches. It was simple, it was sophisticated, it did NOT involve a popcorn tin full of Hallmark ornaments collected over the years and two full strands of white Christmas lights.

And also their branches were not so...branchy.

What I have now are some tree branches that look as if they were vomited on first by a bunch of white lights and then by a bunch of ornaments. It's kind of tacky. I kind of love it.

If you look at it from the right angle, it's actually quite cute. The ornaments are many and varied, and I do believe there is something for everyone to enjoy, even grinches and Southern Living editors, who surely do not wish to take credit for my branchy work of Christmas art. If you look at it from the wrong angle, however, you will poke your eye out, for there is not quite enough room for the average adult to pass by the curved branch into the living room.

I guess if you come over, you'll just have to remember to duck.


amy said...

Mary I LOVE it. And, having worked at Hallmark for 7+ years, I must say that I HATE their ornaments and any sort of decorations because they shoved it down my throat too much. I might actually decorate if I take your ideas. :)

David said...

Mary, I also LOVE your tree. It's a little on the "Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Became a Pimp" side of things, but it's got charm in a "you'll poke your eye out" kind of way. Well done.

Shiz said...

I love it, too!

timsamoff said...

I think it's pretty dang awesome too! :)

marymuses said...

I'm so glad you all like it! You are now considered very special and officially invited over to enjoy my tree and drink wassail.

If you're lucky, I'll light the tea light behind my nativity set. Fancy!

marymuses said...

I also might burst into song.

If you're lucky.