Friday, December 30, 2005

Starting the Weekend Off With a...Well, It's Not Exactly a Bang, Now Is It?

This afternoon I got off work a bit early, so I came home, read a portion of one of my dictionaries, and took a nap.


It was perfect.


Shiz said...


marymuses said...

I neglected to mention that I also briefly read my thesaurus. I think that makes it even better.

Nerds 'R' Us, how may I help you?

cara said...

that's what i do at night! granted it's a french-english dictionary, but it's all in the same family, right? so far K is the saddest letter on the french side. i wonder what the french have againt that letter. in english, it's special. ha. get it? get it? oh man, i'm sad.

marymuses said...

Special K! hahahahahaha!

Does the fact that I just laughed at your joke make it a little less sad? I'm only trying to help.