Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Thousand Tiny Deaths

I've perfected my loud, sharp claps for occasions like this:

singing beautifully

Today was Jack's Christmas program at school. I attended the dress rehearsal, and let me just say: IT KILLED ME. Over and over again, those kids were killing me. I forgot how much I love school Christmas programs, but please. If I had more time I'd find out when all the kids I know are performing and I'd show up.

First of all, Jack was magnificent in his usual way. He stood in the back, third from the right, with his shirt accidentally unbuttoned, and sang his little heart out. My one regret for the day was that I didn't have my camera out at the moment that he, between hand motions, put his hands behind his head, making his elbows jut out to the sides as if he were relaxing in an easy chair. Classic Jack moment. The kid just never quits doing funny things with his gangly appendages. I only wish I could have seen what he was doing with his feet.

During the portion of the program in which Jack sang, there were a number of solos. A little boy I know named Sam sang an earnest solo which he just belted right out, and I was hard pressed not to employ the loud, sharp clap right in the middle of the song. So I died a tiny little death right there in my chair and managed to resurrect for the next song, which did, indeed, feature another tiny death, many of them, actually, this time by my heart bursting into a million tiny pieces when the little girl sang:

I light one candle to watch for Messiah
Let the light banish darkness
He shall bring salvation to Israel
God fulfills a promise

It was so sweet and clear and perfect. My heart burst over and over and over and I wanted to go, "Little girl, you are killing me. Please stop, please. Except don't. Maybe sing forever." And then later I saw her in her pink crocheted hat with the sequins all around it, and I wanted to ask her mother if I could take her home with me as a Christmas present. She was just that perfect.

For their big finale, Jack's group sang a song which involved much shouting instead of singing (indicated in the following by caps) and big hand motions:

Pre-PARE the way for the COM-ing of God
Make STRAIGHT the way for the COM-ing of God

Join in if you know it, and don't forget the hand motions:

Pre-PARE the way for the COM-ing of God
Make STRAIGHT the way for the COM-ing of God

what is it with my charges wanting to have their hands higher than anyone else's?

Man, I love Christmas.


Shiz said...


Go Jack, go!

marymuses said...

Isn't he fantastic? He's so fantastic!

Except when he does that thing where he makes really loud noises and spits, then claims it's not spitting, though I need to squeegee the surrounding area to remove the saliva. That's not so fantastic.

(And that's got nothing to do with anything except that I needed to vent.)