Friday, January 27, 2006

And He Said, "Guess What, Mary?! My New Tractor Plays Music!"

To which I replied, "I know. I heard it already. At 7:28am." And it. Was. TORTUROUS.

I am of the strong belief that children should not be allowed to play with electronic noisy toys until afternoon. But these are not my children, so I cannot make that decree.


But wait, there's more!

Mary Liz demanded that her mom return upstairs to say good-bye to her this morning, as opposed to her taking a break from whatever important thing she was playing, but her mom wasn't taking the bait, and so Mary Liz proceeded to throw a colossal fit. Stomping, screaming, and pounding the upstairs front window included (at no extra charge!). As Kelly left she smiled at me and said, "All yours!" Um, thanks. It's just what I've always wanted.

That Damn Tractor (that's what I'm calling it from here on out, adding it to the ranks of That Damn Pocahontas Song and That Damn Musical Sit 'n' Spin, as well as That Damn Crazy Frog CD) is still going strong.


I definitely need a little help from Starbucks. Who's coming along?


Tina said...

You should head down to Westin Crown Center for the Chocolate Fest. It is quite delicious and starting at 6 there will be wine to go along with the chocolate. Cost is $20 including wine and $7 without. You must try Annedore's cinnamon-chile chocolate. Very unusual taste but delish.

Shiz said...

Oh Mary, I wish I could break the tractor, calm the girl down, set them both to sleep for a LONG naptime and have a HOT MAN deliver you Starbucks and pastries to your door, the same man who will give you a foot massage while consuming said goodies. That sounds like quite the day.

marymuses said...

Tina, a Chocolate Fest always sounds like a good idea.

Shiz, I would just prefer that children not know that batteries can be changed. Then you can just go, "Oh, no, the batteries must have died. Sorry, buddy." As for MLiz, I just dragged her into her room and shut the door after informing her that she could come have breakfast when she was done screaming. She didn't make it down before the breakfast dishes were cleared, but she also didn't complain about it. She's pretty good about that.

Dawn said...

Is there any way to remove the batteries and then jam chewed gum into the battery trays?

Noisy toys are from the deh-bowl. We bought our son a guitar one year for Christmas, removed the batteries before we gave it to him, and he has never known that it can play funky tunes of its own.

I'm with you on the Starbucks.

marymuses said...

Dawn, you are so wise. I am all for a policy of preemptive battery removal. If only the whole world were with us. As it is, let's console ourselves by going to Starbucks. Twice.