Friday, January 20, 2006

The Challenge

Here's what I want you to do. If you know the song Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (You know, baddest man in the whole damn town? You know you know it, don't be ashamed, we're all friends here.) by Jim Croce, please sing aloud all of the words you know. Snap your fingers if you're willing.

Now, for the rest of the day, just go ahead and try to get that song out of your head.


Anonymous said...

i would, but amy is asleep and i'm already listening to Melt Banana and can't ruin that. japanese culture is great.

man, i hate it when my "saved" password doesn't work.


Shiz said...


Not a horrible song to have in the head.

Anita the Sandy said...

I had to cue up some "Oh, Happy Day" to eradicate Leroy from my head.

marymuses said...

Oh, Mark. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Are you sure that the real reason you're not playing along is that you know you can't meet the challenge?

Shiz, it isn't a bad song to have stuck in the first. But then? G-A-A-A-C-K!!!

You eradicated Leroy with Oh, Happy Day?? I don't know if I'm thinking of the same Oh, Happy Day or not, but the one I'm thinking of is worse than old Leroy. Oh, crap, now that's playing on my inner soundtrack. Gee, thanks, Anita.

Shiz said...

Recently? My songs have been childhood religious choruses: "I've got a river of life flowing out of ME, makes the lame to walk and the blind to SEE ... "; "I was glad when they SA-AID unto me, Oh I was glad when they SA-AID unto me ... "; "GOD! Has notgivenusa SPIRIT OF FEAR but of LOVE, PO-WER and a SOUND! MIND! ... " (yeah, try singing THAT with a sound mind); "It's begining to ra-ai-ai-ai-ain hear the voice of the Fa-ther, say-ay-ing 'Who-so-ev-er has a DRINK OF THIS WA-TEEEEEER ... '"

Seriously. I'll take Mr. Brown ANY DAY.