Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Feed Me (Some More Comments), Seymour

In my attempt to reach blogger to write this post, I first typed in "www.globber.com." Good morning, glob readers. Or is it afternoon? Whatever.

Did you know it's still Delurking Week? That's right! You can still delurk. The comments section is there. Have at it.

That is all.

(For now.)


E. Norma Stitts said...

Can we still use funny fake names?

marymuses said...

Yes, but only if they're FUNNY and not INAPPROPRIATE. Kids, don't read that name out loud, lest your innocence be lost.

Sheila Blige said...

Guess I should have listened to my better judgement on that one. :-)

marymuses said...

I listen to my worse judgment almost exclusively, Sheila, so it's quite all right. Glad you de-lurked! Welcome!

Canaan said...

Okay so Mary...I don't think I qualify as a lurker...I have commented before. But I still love reading your blogs, and enjoy are wonderful acquiantence(sp?).

Anonymous said...

I think I've delurked before, but I probably should again. I don't feel as creepy this time. I found your old site ages ago when I clicked on "Waterdeep" in someone's list of music. Who knew I would find such a bastion of hilarity?
The post about bananas and public transportation reminded me of stories on thisisgrand.org, it's about Chicago (home of my favorite transit service), but you might still find it funny.
Thanks for all the laughter and wisdom!

marymuses said...

Canaan, you're not officially a lurker, but I'm glad you commented anyway. Thanks so much for reading!

Liz, you're one of my favorite readers. But don't tell--it will be our little secret. I'm glad you're still reading after all this time. Also? Bastion of hilarity is SO going on my resume. Do you think it should be my title (marymuses, Bastion of Hilarity) or just listed as one of my many accomplishments?