Sunday, January 29, 2006

From Gangsta to Hit Man

Or would that be hit girl? Whatever. Here ya go:

Mickey Z

People Iced:Forty Four
Car Bombs Planted:Twelve
Favorite WeaponIce Pick
Arms Broken:Nineteen
Eyes Gouged:Nine
Tongues Cut Off:Fourteen
Biggest Enemy:The Toe Slicer

Get Your HITMAN Name


Shiz said...

So it was YOU who ice picked my tires!!!!

marymuses said...

DRAT! I've been found out!

Sorry about that.

Shizgirl said...

So my name is meh, and I've only iced four people (I'ma model of self-restraint!), but my favourite weapon is the pillow. I can SO get behind that. They know me!

Canaan said...

okay my name is The Toe Slicer...hmm...I've iced 42 people...I wonder when I did this?

marymuses said...

Shiz, you've only iced four people? DANGIT. Sorry. That's too bad. Perhaps you're better suited to a career in espionage?

Canaan, you're my arch enemy. Excellent.