Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How is The Gap Fantastic? Let Me Count the Ways...

1. The return policy, specifically as it relates to jeans. If you keep your receipt, you can wear the jeans, and even wash them, for up to two weeks and still take them back. Two weeks! No tags! Plus washing possibilities! This is my favorite thing about The Gap because it allows me to exercise my right to have shopping bulimia. It also allows me to see how jeans stretch out. I don't know about you, but, thanks to the fact that nearly every pair of jeans now contains spandex, I can never tell in the fitting room just how the jeans will really fit. To be honest, the ones that will fit after a couple of hours of wear are often the ones that, at first blush, appear to be way too tight, as in, tight enough that everyone can see the exact shape of my posterior as well as my inner thighs. Now, I'm not complaining about the exact shape of my posterior or inner thighs, having recently learned to appreciate them just as they are, but that's just not the sort of information I believe the public at large should be privy to. I mean, come on, I'm not that easy. I at least require dinner and a movie first. (Hi, family! I kid! I also require at least one formal date during which the gentleman in question is obligated to wear a tie. You didn't raise some cheap floozy, no sirree.)

2. The clearance. Oh, my, THE CLEARANCE. Seriously, people. You just have to give it a little time, and you, too, can bring home a snappy new shirt for just $4.97. Or maybe if you're me you'll bring home, um, two. Let's pretend it was only two. You may also sometimes find a hat or a sweet little scarf for just 97 cents. Ninety-seven cents! Doesn't that just make your heart happy?

3. The markdown policy. If you're not in the know about this, you should be. Here's the deal: If, within two weeks of purchase, anything you bought has been marked down, you can bring in your receipt and they'll give you back the difference. I once got back $24.67 this way. So if your item is not as cheap as you'd like it to be, but there's only one left in your size, you can go ahead and buy it, knowing that you'll get some money back if they mark it down or you can just return it if it's not marked down further within two weeks. Actually, you can return it anytime if it still has its tags and you still have the receipt. Any. Time. Perfect! Also, make note of the fact that markdowns are generally done on Tuesday nights. Wednesday will yield your best selection for a good price.

4. The friendly salesgirl that is always there, who will chat with me on days I haven't chatted with anyone that knows, without asking, what the words "predicament" and "topple" mean. Those of you who are with children day after day will know exactly what that feels like, and what a relief it is to even discuss the color of a sweater with such a person. Magical!

Now don't you want to go to The Gap? Give me a call, I'll come along.


Chris said...

Hey Mary. I'm going to have to agree with you on the whole GAP issue. I am extremely lucky because my girlfriend works at the one in Zona Rosa and I get another...maybe 15-20% off original price! We will just say GAP has slowly been dominating my wardrobe lately.

If you don't know anyone that works there, please let me know. I would love to try and get you a discount card when they have the "family and friends weekends." It is seriously an amazing thing.

Let me know. :)

Canaan said...

As always Mary, your blog amuses me so. I have recently learned many of the same things because get managers companion is a assistant manager at the overland park GAP, and while GAP doesn't sell close in my size, Gracie and Sam love GAP Kids. It's wonderful.

A said...

I've been a GAP clearance whore for years now; I'm so glad you've discovered it! The coat, by the way, is spectacular.

marymuses said...

Chris, I'll be e-mailing you shortly. Thanks!

Canaan, I love Gap Kids, too. I get a lot of things for my young charges there. So cute! So cheap!

A, thank you for the compliment on my coat--it was kind of a splurge, and having other people think it's great makes me feel better about spending a lot of cash on it. It was totally worth the splurge though--I LOOOOOOVE my coat.

keauxgeigh said...

and let's not forget that when accused of supporting business practices in other countries which would be human rights abuses in this country (let's face it, there's a double standard), they at least responded in a credible way that they were addressing the issue to do what they can to prevent human rights abuses. (sorry, I went to a left wing liberal arts college in Ohio - always willing to rain on any parade. even with the thunderstorm of "human rights".)

which is not to say I'm judgmental about it. I keep my mouth shut when people buy Nike. I just praise when people mention Gap.

marymuses said...

You're right keauxgeigh, and I should have mentioned that. I feel very little guilt shopping at The Gap, knowing that they are one of few corporations that allows monitoring by outside sources.

Shiz said...

My thing is, I think my local GAP stores only stock their new UGLY line. And the labour thing bugs me, although I admit I know very little about it.

But if you have success there, then Mazel Tov!

marymuses said...

Shiz, you have to hunt to find the good stuff sometimes. As for the labor thing, Gap is good. You don't have to worry; they're held accountable.