Monday, January 16, 2006

I Have One Friend; His Name is Tom.

So back in May I signed up on myspace (My Space? MySpace. mySpace?) and then I forgot my password and what e-mail address I'd registered through and blah blah whatever, someone asked me about it and I decided I'd go in and enter all my information and upload a photo and then become friends with all the people I know that are on myspace (My Space? MySpace. mySpace?). Lo and behold, even with no information whatsoever entered, one person had decided to be my friend already. His name is Tom. I think he works for myspace (My Space? MySpace. mySpace?). My only friend freaking works for the company and is only my friend so he can send me e-mails telling me to buy things that myspace (My Space? MySpace. mySpace?) is selling. Isn't that sad?

All that to say: If you're on myspace (My Space? MySpace. mySpace?) (I'm entertaining myself far too much with that.), please be my friend. I'm begging you. Please. I don't want to be a loser with just one friend named Tom who is probably friends with everybody anyway.

Here's the link so you can get in there and be all friendly-like.


Shiz said...

I'll have to do myspace someday. You know, whenever. Then I can be your myfriend.

Shepcat said...

I make it a point never to join any club (anyclub? AnyClub? anyClub?) that would have me as a member. I could always be extra friendly here to make up the difference, but as it is I feel I'm in danger of wearing out my welcome. Kind of like Larry on Three's Company.

Nice semicolon, by the way.

Cristin said...

heh heh heh heh

My space scares me. Well, no, some of the people on MySpace (mySpace? MYspace?) scare me. And my bookworm hates me right now because I will not let her register.

Let's see, she is 11, the minimum age they say is 14. Should I unleash the underage Bookworm and let unkown wierdos visit her online?

I know, she has told me many many times... I am so mean. :)

Tina said...

Yes, I have one friend also. It doesn't do much for the ego when the only person who wants to be my friend is the same guy who runs the company. It's kind of like when an acquaintance asks to take you to lunch only to find out that they are starting a Mary Kay business. And have some GREAT ideas to "glamourize" your look. I have two "looks" one is tired and the other is exhausted. There is no "glamourizing" me. And I'm also not buying anything from our good friend, Tom.

marymuses said...

Shiz, you can be my myfriend even if you don't join myspace (My Space? MySpace. mySpace?).

Shepcat, it's not a club. It's an online community of friends. And you can be extra friendly anywhere you like without worrying about wearing out your welcome.

Cristin, say NO! NONONONONO. I would if I were you, maybe just for the sheer joy of crushing the spirit of a...oh, I mean, for the good of a young, impressionable mind. As for the folks on myspace (My Space? MySpace. mySpace?) being scary, some of them are, indeed. And also irritating. Unbelievably. Irritating.

Tina, I'll be your friend. Let's be friends--you and me and Tom! Friends forever!

Anonymous said...

Tom is the guy that started the whole myspace community. I'm surprised that his picture is still put up since he sold the site.