Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Think I've Gone and Gotten Boring

Did you read that last post? I did, and I just about nodded off.

But aside from that, let's evaluate my evening. It's Saturday, a night people commonly go out. I had options for doing so. I considered them. And then...I stayed in and cleaned up my apartment.

Ummmmm...............yeah. Well, then. I don't think there's anything left to add. You may discuss the state of my boringness amongst yourselves.


Shepcat said...

Or instead we could shift the focus from your boringness to the one-two punch of your cleanliness and your godliness, which, according to conventional wisdom, are right next to each other. Accentuate the positive, I say.

Shiz said...

Silly Mary, you mean staying in to clean is a BAD thing? Oh no no no no no. It is good. It is very good.

marymuses said...

Well, maybe it's positive to be boring? Boring is good, apparently, if it's a cleaning-the-apartment kind of boring.

What if I'd told you that I stayed home and played solitaire? Would that have been worse?