Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Note to Self, For Future Reference

Dear Mary,

Those multi-grain saltines are not very tasty. Please don't buy those again.

But good job with the two big bags of mint Hershey's Kisses you picked up on post-holiday clearance. That was brilliant. Next year it might be a good idea to pick up more than that.


PS--Some wine might be nice. Perhaps a good reisling or some shiraz? You know that a glass with what you pass off as dinner (what was it tonight--lemon pound cake?) helps you sleep better. Just pony up the cash and head to World Market; you won't be sorry.


Shepcat said...

Might I recommend something in a Côte du Rhône? Bold, spicy, as dark and impenetrable as Dick Cheney's heart. It's the 10W40 of reds. And not half bad as a complement to dark chocolate, incidentally.

Anonymous said...

i am also a big fan of reisling, and shiraz. my other fave? the syrah. there's a really good one now that's got a lovely kangaroo on it - and i think it's yellow and black. well, the label, not the kangaroo. and i think you can get it at world market. anyways, yummy!

<3 holly

marymuses said...

Shepcat, the last time I had Cote du Rhone (another note to self, figure out how to use accent marks), it wasn't very good, but that was back in, like 1998, and I doubt that every Cote du Rhone is like that. It's about time I give it another go.

Oh, yes, Holly, the Yellow Tail syrah. Inexpensive but delicious. Good choice. I prefer Yellow Tail's shiraz, too, though a friend of mine who is a bit of a wine snob scoffs at me every time I announce I've bought a bottle, and that I've liked it. But really, what does he expect? He's talking to the Queen of Pringles Consumption.

Shepcat said...

F.Y.I.: Those are called circumflex accents, and the tag for them is ampersand(&) + o (or whatever letter you wish to place them over) + circ + semicolon(;), all crammed together.

The same general construction applies for acute (á) and grave (à) accents, using the full spellings of those words.

Just another public service of your friendly Chronicles editorial staff, polluting, er, patrolling Al Gore's Internets since 1997.

marymuses said...

Oh, thank you, Shepcat. It's so much easier to just be told how to do it rather than try to look it up to figure it out. As always, the service of the Chronicles editorial staff has gone above and beyond my expectations.