Monday, January 23, 2006

Please Remember

God hates techno.

Repent or burn, people. Repent or burn.


EB said...

I've always, always thought this. Now I have a T-shirt to back me up. And really, someone should tell my downstairs neighbor, because sometimes we can have a rave just with the music he's crankin' out down there.

Shiz said...

Very cool. I'm also liking Nuts!, which I've seen somewhere before.

Also, What wouldn't Jesus do?

Yes, God indeed hates Techno.

marymuses said...

EB, you should buy the shirt, wear it in front of your neighbor, and point at it emphatically. No need for subtlety when someone's soul is in peril.

Shiz, I LOVE the Nuts! one, and I may need to have it. My squirrels in the attic have been quite friendly lately, sometimes hanging out on the office windowsill and sniffing at my fingertips through the glass.