Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Quiet Afternoon

Jack had a party today at school, ate too much junk food, then ate a big lunch, then horsed around with his friends, then threw up. Guess who got to go pick him up? He is fine, truly, but if it is suggested to Jack that he could go home, he'll jump at the chance, and so he said he was too sick to stay at school. I hurried through a shower and threw clothes on as quickly as possible so I could pick him up. I am just now discovering a spot of pancake batter from last week near the hem of my shirt, which I didn't notice when I gave it the once-over before I laid it on the "clean, but not super fresh" pile on my dresser. Oops.

On the way home, Jack argued with me about whether sick people need to rest or not. As I was tucking him in for a nap, he bounced on the bed. I rolled my eyes. Faker. I was briefly upset with him, but you know what? A) He's not the first kid to try this; and B) He did go to sleep, leaving the house quiet for me, which is nice. This neighborhood is much quieter than my own during the day, what with the lack of condominium construction over here (what is it with all the condos going up lately, anyway?). I'll torture Jack later by making him stay indoors and play quietly since that is what sick people do, because if you're going to come home from school because you say you are too sick to stay, then you have to do what sick people do. I anticipate a great many complaints and arguments later about what sick people do and do not do. But whatever: Bring it, kid. I'm ready.


Shiz said...

There was a year or so that I played the sick card a lot. In my case, there was some attention badly lacking. I didn't say it at the time, but I felt unloved. And lonely. And I hated school - well, everything social about it. Grades two through twelve pretty much sucked for me. And to be fair, I did feel somewhat sick.

Jack doesn't seem to have any of those same issues, though a bit of attention and the chance to be home as a "special" case probably appealed to him. Heh.

Dawn said...

I'm glad that the boy did end up sleeping and giving you some peace. I remember my sister puking at the park because I swung her too fast on the tire-swing. She had eaten tomato soup for lunch. It was gross to see it again. For the rest of the afternoon, she played up the sick card so much. I was so mad at her because I knew she wasn't really sick, she had just thrown up because she was dizzy. argh.

I think I might play sick this afternoon and have a nap with Grace. Clean dishes are so overrated.

AND! I'm so happy to hear that you also have a not-so-fresh-but-too-clean-for-the-laundry-bin pile. I do too and was worried I was turning into an old ninnie. But you aren't an old ninnie. So then I'm not either. :)

Shepcat said...

Both my nieces believe that puking is contagious. If they had witnessed Jack's episode, they would have been freaked out the rest of the day, worried that it was in the air, looming to befall them or their classmates next, and, for some time afterward, would give Jack wide berth and regard him with wonder and suspicion lest they get too close and come down with the puking themselves.

Props to Jack for taking it like a man, although frankly it sounds like he enjoyed it a little too much.

marymuses said...

Shiz, I assure you, the child gets plenty of attention (though he'll always take a little bit more).

Dawn, tomato soup doesn't sound like a good thing to see for Lunch, Round Two. GROSS! And you should totally play sick anytime you want and nap your afternoon away. If you sleep like a child, you are in no danger of becoming an old ninnie.

Shepcat, puking IS contagious--if caused by a virus or if you're a sympathy puker. I tend to wash my hands a LOT when someone near me has puked, just in case. I will do anything to avoid vomiting.