Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sad, Yes, But 100% True

For your entertainment, I now present What Mary Watched While in the Presence of Cable Television:

6pm Annie
6:30pm SpongeBob (against my wishes)
6:45pm Inside Edition (now that's more like it)
7pm MTV True Life: I'm Going to Fat Camp
8pm MTV True Life: I'm Getting Married
9pm MTV True Life: I'm on a Diet (whilst channel surfing because the TV Guide Channel was all fuzzy and made noise, and I had to figure out what channel was what and what was on without its help--tragic, I know)
10pm Dr. 90210
11pm Dr. 90210

And then, dangit, I had to go home. I'm always disappointed when someone interrupts my Dr. 90210 view-a-thon.

Once again, evidence of my complete lack of good taste in television programs. I'd be sorry about it, but I really think it's funny.

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