Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Catch-Up

This will just be a mishmash of whatever. First of all, something that is way overdue: A photo of my extended family wearing the hats my brother got out of the dumpster and gave us all for Christmas.

mark got those hats from a dumpster

Nothing says Classy Family like John Deere hats from a dumpster.

I've put some new stuff up on my flickr page, so you can hop on over and take a look if you're so inclined.

Yesterday I typed 119 words per minute on the SpongeBob game at the Apple store. I'm a typing freak of nature genius!

Once again I have just one job. I had three for awhile, and then two, and now I'm back to just one. It feels nice. I love the one job that I have, and it pays the bills just fine.

My friend Kenny and I have been planning to go to the movies together for years now (and I'm not exaggerating, either--YEARS), and last week he made my week by calling me up and telling he'd found the movie we should see and we should just plan on it so it would actually happen this time. I agreed to see The New World with him. I forgot that it stars Colin Farrell and his big eyebrows. I'm not sure I can watch those eyebrows for two hours and not leave disturbed; they trouble me. But I'll still see the movie, Kenny, don't worry! (I just might have to close my eyes for the last half.)

This is the part where I sigh a big sigh and go put my running clothes on. Pah. (This just in: I have my running clothes on now, and none of them match. I like to think of it as one more small thing I'm doing to keep my neighbors entertained.)

Have a perfect Saturday, and you might check back later; I may add some stuff (if you're lucky--do you feel lucky?).

And look! There's more! Do you notice how I do not disappoint?

Sometimes Mary Liz and I will hit Starbucks a little early and there's a good bit of time to kill before our other regular haunts open. When the weather is fine, we'll walk around the Plaza, but when it's cold, our favorite thing to do is to hunker down in Starbucks. I do sudoku while she listens to the iPod, a win-win situation if ever there was one. One of the reasons I like this so much is that Mary Liz will talk to herself softly while she's listening, making comments about the songs or even repeating some of the words. It's quite charming. On Wednesday we were both sitting quietly, attending to our own pursuits, when suddenly she piped up, loud enough for most of the other Starbucks patrons to hear, "Wait a minute! I don't know Spanish." The chuckles came from all around.

This week I indulged Jack's need for socialization outside of school hours by bringing home Joe, another little boy from his kindergarten. They played nicely together, with no arguing, so I was pleased with the arrangement, but even better than that, I ended up adoring Joe. While both of my charges have put away most childish speech habits and now sound like little adults (pronunciation of Martin Luther King's name excepted), Joe still sounds like a little boy. He has a thithter and he drinks tool-aid and he plays in his yaw-uhd with his bithycle. I love him! He definitely needs to come over again.


Shiz said...

Ok, Mary. First it must be said that you are one hot little Begemann. The hottest one of the bunch, by far, even in your dumpster-hat.

And Joe thounds very thweet. He doeth need to come over moe-ah.

You do Sudoku, too there, eh twin?

We were tho theparated at birf.

(my "word" is iqpot. Cute!)

Shiz said...

PS - The eyebrows, they scare me, too.

It's called tweezing, Colin. Any good salon will do it for you for $15.

Shiz said...

PPS - Ok, and on the ONE job only? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! VERY good for you.

marymuses said...

We WUHW thepawated at buhf.

If I ever see Colin Farrell on the street, I fear I'll be overcome by the urge to lunge at him with a jar of microwavable wax in hand. "Just let me help you out real quick-like Colin. You'll feel much better when I'm done." And then RIP the eyebrows are all better.

Yes, one job. One! I KNOW. GO ME!!! I'm thrilled about it, pleased as punch, couldn't be happier, need to throw a party. All that kind of thing.