Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So What Did YOU Do at Work Today?

I did this:

what i did at work today

If you suddenly feel like Tarzan on a beautiful day, it's because I used sky blue and jungle green. Want a banana?


timsamoff said...

AWESOME! I love this!!! :)

Anonymous said...


and yes, i would like a banana. one of your hundred bananas i'm sure you still have left!

<3 holly

Shiz said...

I wish I could colour at work.

marymuses said...

Thanks, Tim!

Well, Holly, I mashed all those bananas and froze them, so I can make a lot of banana bread in the future. I suppose what I should ask is: Would you like some banana bread?

Shiz, I wish you could colour at work, too.

cara said...

banana's are the devil's food, especially if i can smell them just the littlest bit. then it's time for them to be punished and into the freezer they go. but green bananas are yummy.

and i colored at work today too! my french elementary kids are learning colors and so we just jad to color. but i had to stick to crayolla basic 8 you know. sky blue and jungle green are just a bit too much for their little 8 year old french minds.

marymuses said...

I agree that you shouldn't be smelling them all the way across the kitchen, but bananas aren't devilish; they're just misunderstood.

Eight colors for those who are eight sounds appropriate to me. Isn't it great to color at work?

Shepcat said...

I can't believe I'm beating you to the punch on this one, Mary, but Cara's unwitting juxtaposition of bananas and devil's food actually sounds like a combination whose time has come. And it requires six fewer ingredients than your latest brainstorm, no less.

marymuses said...

Oh, wow, you're right, that is a combination whose time has come. Do you think it would be good as a cupcake? Or would that be called a muffin since it includes banana, thus making it a breakfast food? I'm thinking if it's frosted, it's a cupcake, otherwise: muffin.

Shepcat said...

I consulted the dictionary on this one, and semantically speaking, you're right about the banana/breakfast food correlation. In my mind, though, devil's food is cake, while I tend to think of muffins as being more breadlike. It's a conundrum, really. We could be standing at the event horizon of a third, entirely new baked-goods designation.