Thursday, January 12, 2006

(Still) Time to Make You HOLLA

Did you know it's still De-Lurking Week? It is, but it's fading fast. I know there are a good many of you who haven't de-lurked yet, so here's the deal: It occured to me that maybe you're just shy and don't know what to say, so I'm giving you something to say. I am, in fact, giving you an opportunity to help me name a recipe. I know! So exciting! Couldn't you just turn cartwheels and do jumping jacks?

Okay, right, so a few weeks ago the family I work for had these overripe bananas, and I asked (as if I needed to), "Would you like me to make some banana bread with those bananas?" Of course the answer was yes. So I got to work, and behold, there were fresh cranberries in the fridge. I thought, "That might be nice," and so I boiled them briefly with a bit of sugar, drained them, and tossed them in. Then, while putting away some other ingredients, I noticed a package of cream cheese there in the fridge door, and it called to me, and so I added a few things to it and suddenly the bread contained a cream cheese filling. Well, one thing led to another, and pretty soon it also had a streusel topping. And it was delicious.

So delicious, in fact, that I thought to myself while consuming a slice, "This would be even better with chocolate chips! And how about some walnuts?" And so now I have a recipe for cranberry banana chocolate chip walnut cream cheese streusel bread.

Yeah, exactly. The name is TOO DANG LONG. Which is where you come in. What should I call my bread?

Lurkers and non-lurkers alike, give a girl a hand.


Shiz said...

Fat monkey.

Shepcat said...

Stuffed Cranana Nut Streusel Bread.

Pan Fruitanesca.

Mary's Mistake.

marymuses said...

Fat monkey is what I call Phae when she waddles down the hall. But still, the name is in the running for the recipe.

I prefer Stuffed Cranana Nut Streusel Bread to Pan Fruitanesca, but I'm confused by the last one. In what way is it a mistake? Ranch dressing in macaroni and cheese (an idea I had when I was twelve), now that was a mistake. But this? DELICIOUSNESS INCARNATE.

Jarod said...

I don't care what you call it, I just think you should bring some into the store with you some time!!! It may not be "Apple" bread but it sounds darn good!!!

Shepcat said...

Who says mistakes can't be delicious? The inspiration for that particular name choice being a potent tropical drink at the Tiki Ti on Sunset Blvd. called "Ray's Mistake," which contains ingredients known only to the two bartenders, Ray's son and grandson. (Allegedly, the late Ray himself invented the drink by experiment or accident when he was in the Navy, then never told anyone what was in it.)

Mistakes can even save lives, too. Like a little thing I like to call penicillin.

timsamoff said...

Of course, there is the fall-back of creating an abreviation:

CB Double-C Dubba-Double-C S-Bread

But, alas, that is a little long too.

Maybe the American Indian version?


Yeah. I like that!

marymuses said...

Jarod, do I look like a baked goods delivery girl? Oh...wait...maybe I do. Especially since my freezer is now full to its uttermost limits of baked goods and items to be transformed into baked goods (oh, yeah, and frozen chinese food and pizza) (and also mint M&Ms). After I baked some cookies last night (and by "some" I mean "eight dozen") I had to rearrange to make everything fit. I guess I should started doling out the good stuff to the population at large.

Shepcat, it's true, mistakes can be delicious. And maybe my bread will, like penicillin, someday save lives. I can only hope... (Though I still want to assert that it wasn't a mistake; it was completely intentional.)

Tim, the American Indian version is priceless. PRICELESS!!! And the first abbreviated version, while long, is still really fun to say, so it just might make the cut.

Hmmm...lots of bread names to will I find the time??

Anonymous said...

i always find simpler is better. so i think you should call it:

yummy bread.

because it sounds truly yummy.

<3 holly

amy said...

Um, how about "Heaven" because that is exactly what it sounds like. Cranberries? Bananas? Chocolate chips? Walnuts? Oh dear goodness. I feel like Joey. "What's not to like?"

marymuses said...

Perhaps I could combine Holly's and Amy's contributions and call it Yummy Heaven??

timsamoff said...

Ahhh... Yummy Heaven. That sorta does it for me.

laci said...

mary, i think you should call it mary's kitchen sink bread. or some variation on that.

you know, cause it has everything in it but the kitchen sink.

although i really like fat monkey.

oh, and i offically consider myself delurked...

marymuses said...

Fat Monkey's Yummy Heaven, perhaps?

Laci, I did think about something along the lines of the kitchen sink, both because it's got everything but the kitchen sink in it and because it will fill my kitchen sink right up with dirty dishes. I guess great minds think alike...

And yes, you are officially de-lurked.

Canaan said...

I personnally vote for Yummy Heaven...cause Yummy and Heaven are two of my favorite things...or this is cheesy: Favorite Things Bread. I know to cheesy, but I had to try. And by the way send some my way.You could always make a trip out to Lee's Summit Target and drop your baked good off for me anytime. They are always DELICIOUS!!!!!