Sunday, January 08, 2006

That'll Make a LOT of Banana Bread

Today I bought 18 bananas for $1.


My little bargain-shopping heart was so overcome, it just about burst out of my chest to sing for joy.

Unrelated, but fun: A man got on the bus today at 5th and Grand carrying a chainsaw and a heavily soiled duffel; the driver didn't seem concerned.


When he got off near Huggie Bear's Bail Bonds (I kid you not, that's the name), another man, wearing a red hat and carrying a very large cell phone, took a seat near mine and proceeded to pick his nose and lick his fingers.

Tell ya what, as soon as one weirdo exits, there's another right there to take over for him.

I love the bus. Seriously.


Jason said...


the other funny thing, is that i play poker from time to time with the guy who owns huggy bear, so i can confirm the ridiculous name. needless to say, this guy is a portly fella, hence maybe the name 'huggy bear' ?

Shiz said...

Ah the bus, the proverbial porch light for the weirdos of the world. If they were moths, that is. Or something.

marymuses said...

Jason, you know everyone, so I'm not at all surprised that you know Huggie Bear himself. How great is that?

Shiz, that makes perfect sense to me. You didn't even have to explain about the moths.

Shiz said...

Sounds like the nose-picker was enjoying a snotsicle.