Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who Buys Champagne on Saturday Morning, Anyway?

I recently decided that I should keep some champagne in my fridge, mostly because it's very tasty, and also because it's...very tasty. Also, the brand I like is the same price as the wine I like, and why have plain old wine when you can be drinking champagne? I can think of no good reason to do such a thing.

However, I was reminded shortly after waking that I'd just ordered some flip-flops (in jetson peach, if you must know) and a little camera (for use when the fancy camera is impractical or simply not allowed), and therefore I do not have any money at all to spend on anything that is not essential (such as peanut M&M's).

Also, let's be realistic here: Since when do go anywhere but my bed or my couch on a Saturday morning?


Shepcat said...

Clarification, please: You've put yourself in a position in which you can't afford peanut M&Ms? Or peanut M&Ms are among the few essentials you can spend money on now that you've splurged on footwear and photo gear?

Based on all I've read to date, the latter seems the most likely answer.

Shiz said...

Oh, she's buying the peanut M&Ms, baby. She is so buying the M&Ms. Thos eare non-negotiable.

See, for me it's the crispy ones. And Smarities. Mmmmm.

I need to order a case of mint M&Ms too, just to try.

marymuses said...

Shiz is right; I'm buying, or rather, have already bought, the peanut M&M's. They're a staple. I'd have some now, but it's a little late. I'm having girl scout cookies instead.

k-stin said...

I have those flip flops! I love them--good choice!

marymuses said...

K-stin, I'm glad to hear they're good shoes. I can't wait until they arrive!

todd m said...

I noticed the new camera on Flickr, so quick as a wink I hopped over to your blog to see what the skinny was... Looks like fun.