Friday, January 06, 2006

Window Shopping on the World Wide Web

This is the part where I say up front: I have expensive taste. I can't help it.


Have I ever told you about my affinity for certain French stoves? When I lived in San Francisco, I used to visit the one they had at the Sur La Table store. It was just so pretty and functional and...and...and...expensive. I couldn't help falling in love. These days, as a part time stove window-shopper, I can never decide if I like the white or the ivory better. What do you think?

Next up for the window shopping extravaganza, we have the bunny rabbits. I haven't kept my love of bunnies a secret, so the following selections should not surprise you. First I bring you two shirts. (A warning to my more sensitive readers: In that first link, the model is not wearing the proper, um, foundational garments, so look out. Or don't look if that sort of thing is an issue for you.) Cute, no? With the bunnies? And the cuteness? And the bunnies? In addition, I also found a cake pan that sure would come in handy if I, say, threw a bunny themed party or something. (Which, you never know, I just might do.) As would these salt and pepper grinders, which say nothing about bunnies, or even rabbits, in the description, but please, look at them. What do you see? Bunnies.

I'm also quite fond of owls lately, and apparently Urban Outfitters got the memo. In fact, Urban Outfitters has a lot of things I just might need, like this and this and these and definitely this. But not this. For the love of Pete, what were they thinking? Get your junky knick-knacks at a garage sale or something. GOSH.

I could amuse myself for the remainder of the winter by wearing this little jacket. I mean, come on, it says Delicious. What's not to love?

And who doesn't want to carry all their necessary items in a tote that features both a unicorn and a dinosaur?

Elsewares is quickly becoming my favorite place to window shop. There are pretty things to wear and fun things, too. (I am on the verge of ordering that last item, even though it would be too big. I NEED it.)

I also need a couple of these. You'll notice that the dark green ones are on sale for a fabulous price, but I don't want dark green. I want red or blue or, should they come available, yellow. In the meantime, though, I'm sure my cloth oven mitts would work just fine for handling these dotted lovelies, should they emerge from the microwave a bit too toasty. I would, however, like the comfort of silicone should someone gift me with some Le Creuset. The eight-piece set is a good place to start, don't you think? Though what I really love about Le Creuset is that it's not just quality, it's FUN! And they don't stop at hearts, either. Anyone for a tomato? How about an apple? Pumpkin? BELL PEPPER!

I think I'm getting a little to excited about the Le Creuset. Let's move on to, say, an electric kettle. Stylish and practical, no? Also we have my favorite blender, as well as the best toaster ever. I prefer the green blender, and for the toaster I'll go for chrome, but they also sometimes offer yellow, which I can't resist. I also can't resist stylish bundt pans or, for that matter, square springform pans, which I've never seen before. I'm also a sucker for adorable aprons and (I didn't know this until I laid eyes on them) French days of the week dishtowels. Also don't forget the special holiday spatulas, measuring cups, and most definitely paring knives.

Yeah. Definitely don't forget those paring knives.


Shepcat said...

Whew! That was linktastic. I'm exhausted. I'm glad I hung with you 'til the end, though, because I think I may take up baking just so I can use the cathedral bundt pan. (With a little planning and imagination, I'm pretty sure I could build a replica of Notre Dame out of chocolate cake.)

Of the two stoves, I prefer the white to the ivory, but I like the black one the best, because I flashed a mental image of Darth Vader hosting The French Chef on PBS. And who wouldn't tune in to watch that?

marymuses said...

You're exhausted? After I finished that I went straight to bed and slept ten hours straight without waking up once. It was fun, though, and I'm glad you stuck with me all the way through. You really don't need to take up baking; just buy the pan and find someone else (*ahem*I'lldoit*ahem*) to bake for you in exchange for a share of the final result.

As for the stove, I think if I had the money to purchase one (and a house to put it in), I'd end up choosing the white, though I like the ivory because it seems a bit warmer (okay, really I like the provencal yellow even better, but it's not very versatile in terms of decor). I'd never go for the black for the same reason I wouldn't go for stainless steel: fingerprints. I guess if Darth Vader were cooking, though, that wouldn't be an issue thanks to his lack of exposed skin.

cara said...

since you are on an owl kick, well not literally kicking owls, but rather liking them, i thought i would share my new-found knowledge.

in french, chouette means owl. but if you say "c'est chouette" it means that's cute or great or nice. (pronounced: shoe-wet, but say the wet part while smiling and then you've got it!)

now go. use it in a sentence and amaze the dumb-founded populace of middle america. my duty here is done.

Shiz said...

Cara, you rock!

Those aprons rock. And I agree with you about the yellow. Mmmm, yellow.

Internet dream-shopping is fun!

marymuses said...

Cara, you are FANTASTIC! Thank you, thank you, thank you for that bit of info. I now walk around going, "C'est chouette!" Also I pretend I'm a hip teenager and go, "WHOOOOA, that is SO. OWL." Like I've made up my own word for cool or something.

Shiz, there is a reason we are twins.