Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cupcakes Really Do Make People Happy

Yesterday, in honor of Valentine's Day, and as a means of spreading my own personal baked goods gospel, I wore my shirt that says "Cupcakes Make People Happy." You may ask how this is related to Valentine's Day, and I would tell you that, duh, holidays are all about cupcakes. And also that the letters on the shirt are pink, and pink is valentine-y. See how that works out? (Pretend you see how that works out.)

As I was checking out at Target, I noticed the cashier staring at my chest. I assumed it was because she was reading my shirt, not because she generally stares at customers' boobs while scanning items, and it was confirmed when she read aloud what my shirt says, but with a rising inflection at the end, as if it were a question. "Cupakes make people happy?"

"YES!" I encouraged, perhaps a little too emphatically. "They have frosting, and sometimes pretty sprinkles..."

"Oooh," she chimed in, grinning, "sometimes they put those plastic rings on the top, too!"

"Aha! You're smiling! See, just thinking about cupcakes makes you happy."

So tell me, reader, are you smiling by now? I hope you are. If not, may I offer you a cupcake? I'm certain it will improve your mood.


Shepcat said...

I have the same T-shirt, but it says "Bourbon." Also in pink, interestingly enough.

EB said...

After much consideration, cupcakes DO make me happy!!

Dawn said...

Cupcakes DO make me happy! And I am happy RIGHT NOW from reading about cupcakes and how just thinking about cupcakes made that lady happy. Happy! happy. Happy! happy.

I am going to make cupcakes for my son's kindergarten class on Monday because it is his birthday and he must share treats or candy with his friends on his birthday. That is the tradition. And cupcakes make me happier than making a cake.

Shiz said...

Our Starbucks? This morning? Had CUPCAKES. Like, four beautiful kinds of cupcakes.


The world has been set to order.

marymuses said...

Shepcat, what a coincidence! What color are the sleeves on your shirt? Don't tell me it's charcoal...that would just be TOO WEIRD.

EB, I'm glad you've seen the light.

Dawn, cupcakes are a much happier food than plain cake. Because they're smaller! And cuter! And it's like having a whole cake all to yourself, but without the total gluttony factor!

Shiz, does your Starbucks also have cheese danishes? Because if they do, I think that's a sign that I should move to your neighborhood.

Canaan said...

We loove cupcakes at our house..or as my Princess Gracie calls them...mmmmmmy cakey muppins..cause she says. I firmly believeshe loooves cakey muppins so much because I served them at her 1st bday, almost 2 years now I'm Happy about cakey muppins.

ps she also loves muppins...booberry to be exact.

Shiz said...

No to the cheese danishes ... most of the time, but a big YES to the delicious, iced lemon-cranberry scones. YUM.

And sometimes yes to the Copenhagen. You know the Copenhagen?

Ooooh! And chocolate croissants, too! And strawberry turnovers, mmmmmmmmm .......

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your t-shirt? I'm looking for one...