Sunday, February 05, 2006

Don't Ever Tell Me I Don't Have Some Mad Skillz

Last night I did my taxes while taking care of three little muffins, ages two, four, and six. Turns out it's infinitely easier to calculate one's business loss and file the appropriate forms the second time around so long as you've made the proper mistakes the first time. Last year I filled out a few unnecessary forms and made several errors, but this year I am older! And wiser! And more relaxed! (Kind of. I still have an unnatural fear of being audited and not being able to explain my bizarre accounting methods.) I barely had to pay attention, and I'm still getting a healthy refund. Thanks, Uncle Sam!


Shiz said...

I tell you now: The girl has mad skillz.

marymuses said...

And Shiz? Not only did I DO the taxes--I also MAILED the taxes. Accomplishments galore.