Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Did It, and I'd Do It Again

When I went out for my long run today, there weren't many others out working out. In fact, it wasn't until the second five-mile lap that I saw anyone at all in Loose Park. I wonder why?

feels like zero

I'll admit I was nuts to do it, but I always feel so lost if I don't get my long run in. Also: It may be true that my favorite pants are a little snugger at the waist than usual, and I need them to fit. Thus, I run. (What, did you think I was going to lay off the M&M's?) To make the exertion a little more bearable, I wore this get-up:

Please note how everything matches, right down to the embroidery on the dorky hat (not that you can see that part, but trust me, it's there). Yes. It's true. You may now be amazed.

I went out to run thirteen miles, but only made it ten. I have several excuses for this, two of which I deem acceptable:

1. During the run, I sweated a bit under my hat, but the wind whipped right in there and froze my sweaty hair to my head. I only wish I were exaggerating.

2. I got really hungry. Like a hippo. And I would rather hole up in my apartment and accept the lost mileage than crap out a mile and a half from home. Because have you heard? It's COLD. Not exactly the perfect weather for meandering home when I've hit the wall.

Right. So all I've been able to do since then is sit around my apartment in pajamas (shorts and a tank top, by the way, because have I mentioned? It's like the Sahara in July in here, and I can't control the heat.) and drink kool-aid. As much as I'd like to tell you that I came in from the run full of vim and vigor and ready to clean my whole apartment, the truth is simply this: Running in the cold kicked my ass.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


Shiz said...

Oh. MyGod.

You have definitely earned some more M&Ms.

marymuses said...

Do you think I've also earned more Pop Tarts? Because I kind of ate, um, a whole lot in rapid succession later that afternoon.

Shiz said...

If they are brown sugar pop tarts, you may have as many as you like. Other flavours, you may have some. Brown sugar? A million.